September 2019

Lyndon Mark Payanay Olaguera

A climatological study of the rainfall variability in the Philippines: from synoptic to decadal-scale-aspects

March 2019

Nozomi Kamizawa

Climatological study on long-term changes in the interannual variation of the Asian monsoon precipitation

Trinh Tuan Long

Extreme precipitation over Central Vietnam: in-situ observation, satellite estimation and future projection

September 2018

Ko Nakajima

Characteristics of nocturnal urban boundary layer and its relation to distribution of surface air temperature and wind system in Tokyo metropolitan area

September 2017

Julie Mae Borejon Dado

Numerical study on the climate over the western Philippinesby a convection permitting model: Role of local sea surface temperature

September 2015

Nguyen Le Dzung

Seasonal transition of precipitation over the eastern Indochina Peninsula: Climatology and interannual variability

March 2014

Yoshihito Seto

Daytime local wind patterns based on divergence field over the Kanto Plain in summer and their relationships with local temperature distribution and pressure distribution around Japan

Hiromichi Makita

Recent Caspian Sea level changes and their formation processes

September 2014

MarcelinoⅡ Villafuerte

Changes in rainfall extremes in the Philippines and neighboring Southeast Asian countries

September 2013

Nguyen Thi Hoang Anh

Climatological characteristics of tropical cyclone rainfall in Vietnam